29 08, 2014

Foreign Students, Higher Education in Metro Atlanta

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A report from Brookings uses a new database on foreign student visa approvals from 2001 to 2012 to analyze their distribution in the United States, finding: The number of foreign students on F-1 visas in U.S. colleges and universities grew dramatically from 110,000 in 2001 to 524,000 in 2012. Foreign students are concentrated in U.S. metropolitan [...]

6 09, 2014

Rethinking disaster housing for cities

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An intriguing post about what urban cities should be doing now to prepare for disaster housing. If a disaster were to strike a dense urban neighborhood, the FEMA trailers wouldn’t be of much use. Each one houses one family and needs 20 feet of space on either side. Imagine trying to rehouse a single New [...]

28 08, 2014

Homeownership Decision Making Compared Between Two Generations

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via Flickr by Mark Moz On paper, today’s young adults are better positioned to buy than those of an earlier generation. Affordability for entry-level buyers is more than twice as high, according to an index composed by the NAR using such data as interest rates, median income, and price. Mortgage payments as a [...]

9 03, 2014

The Current Affordable Rental Housing Crisis

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A very intriguing and sad analysis of the current state of affairs by the Urban Institute. A few excerpts: Not one county in the United States has an even balance between its ELI [Extremely Low Income] households and its affordable and available rental units. As a result, ELI households have to search harder for a [...]

15 06, 2013

Twitter / LDGConsulting: Is Vine City on this track? …

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Twitter / LDGConsulting: Is Vine City on this track? .... Bronzeville rowhouses (Flickr user Laurie Chipps via Creative Commons) "How Black Gentrifiers Have Affected the Perception of Chicago's Changing Neighborhoods" - an article in The Atlantic Cities   We found this article interesting given what’s going on in the Vine City and English Ave neighborhoods [...]

19 04, 2013

Acquisition of Hardin Construction Completed

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See info posted by Maria Saporta in the Atlanta Business Chronicle Maria Saporta Acquisition of Hardin Construction completed    Maria Saporta Contributing Writer-Atlanta Business Chronicle Email California-based DPR Construction firm is the new owner of Hardin Construction, an Atlanta-based builder that was founded in 1946. The previously announced deal closed on April 15. From now [...]

19 04, 2013

Turning Big Data Into Smart Data: 5 Lessons For Marketers From The Obama Campaign | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

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Turning Big Data Into Smart Data: 5 Lessons For Marketers From The Obama Campaign | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce.   I've been having some of these same conversations with clients lately. Some nice nuggets to contemplate as you move forward into data analytics.

12 04, 2013

Why People Aren’t Sold on Energy Efficiency in their Homes |

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Duplex housing at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, features rooftop solar panels. (U.S. Air Force photo/Carole Chiles Fuller) Why People Aren’t Sold on Energy Efficiency in their Homes | Interesting Article that also is deflating.

21 05, 2012

Our Look at the Fortune 500

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Fortune Magazine’s Fortune 500 issue came out May 21, 2012. We thought we’d highlight a few things for you that we saw. In addition to providing a list of the Top 500 Companies, they also sort and parse the data a number of ways, including sorting by Industries. Two industry segments we thought you might [...]