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Multi-family Residential

With our knowledge of the various facets of multi-family residential, e.g. site selection, development, finance, construction, marketing, property management and asset management; we are able to provide a holistic view of the industry and how the various disciplines come together successfully.

Mixed Use

Our experiences in mixed-use developments allow us to know where the pitfalls are and to share the positives and negatives of being located in a mixed use environment. From the use of private meters for separation of utilities to providing the structure for a condominium document that protects the interest of our clients, we delve into the details that make or break a great mixed-use development.

Master Planning

At LDG Consulting, we believe all great developments start with a great master plan. Great master plans are not artistic endeavors; they are a culmination of quantitative research, best practices from various design disciplines, anthropology and psychology. Our past experiences with great designers enable us to ask the right questions, challenge conventions, and prioritize the sense of place. We believe that great vision can yield a great sense of place, if it is supported by timeless design, efficient engineering, and quality construction.

Tenant Improvements

Managing a build-out of a new space while maintaining operations of your business is a major challenge. Being thrown head first into a new industry that you may not know anything about and expecting to produce a top of class environment is unrealistic. Utilizing design and construction consultants is a great beginning, but having someone to guide you through the process and make the necessary day-to-day decisions, allows you to focus on keeping your business running optimally. We are your guide; not only during the construction process, but from concept, during lease negotiations, assisting in the financing of the improvements, selecting the correct design and construction team that fits with your company culture, and managing the build-out.

Economic Development Analysis

Traditionally, real estate developers and commercial contractors were never at the table during conversations of economic development and impact analyses. Over the years, it became apparent that the knowledge of those that were expected to fulfill and execute plans should be incorporated during the formation of plans that are designed to change the direction of an area. LDG Consulting is working with consultants in economic development to help provide the perspective of both the developer as well as the construction manager; the practical underpinnings that bring a sense of reality to long range planning.