Capitol Gateway

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Project Description

On the site of a former public housing project, Capitol Gateway is a mixed-income communnity that is designed with new urbanist concepts and typology. As Program Director, led team in initial planning, design, engineering and financing of infrastructure. Was responsible for ensuring demolition of existing structures was completed properly. Initial proforma runs that identified the need for gap financing and public / private ventures was part of early assignment. In addition, engagement with various stake holders in the vicinity as well as state officials proved to be a long term benefit. Although not completely built out, Capitol Gateway will be the “pot at the end of the rainbow” once the Capitol Mall becomes a reality. Involvement in early studies and land swap analyses was of a critical nature.

Client / Developer:
Integral/TCR/Urban Realty

Atlanta, GA

2009 – 2010

420 For Rent Units
370 For Sale (planned)
Leasing Office
Amenity Package

Photo Credits: The Integral Group

Project Details